#ProfLife Year 3 comes to a close

2018 is underway, and my site has been restored after a few months of downtime. Hooray!

Another busy semester as a tenure track professor has come to a close. I tell my students that it is bittersweet. I miss having them around, but I like being able to work on projects that have been on hold while I was teaching. And I do love teaching! Though… not so much the grading part.

Although I don’t write much anymore, I’m hoping to use this site to post some teaching and outreach materials as I work on them. Although I have an official work site, that’s also under development, and it doesn’t have quite the flexibility that I have here.

With the semester done, I was able to join NHPR’s The Exchange again for a great show on astronomy, including a lot of talk of Mars! Listen to the recording here.

This summer I’m working on several projects and teaching an online class, then the fall brings us back to DragonCon, where I’ll be an attending pro once again.

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