DragonCon 2017 is Almost Here!

On the Science Track in 2016 with Kishore Hari, Raychelle Burks, Eric Spana, and Mohamed Noor.

As a new academic school year is about to begin, I’m also looking forward to the yearly celebration of geek culture that happens every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta… DragonCon! I’ll be an attending pro and appearing on the Science and Space tracks once again, as well as on panels for a few other tracks, talking science and sci-fi. From Star Trek to the Expanse, and exoplanets to scientific slap-fights, it is sure to be a super fun time.

I’m limiting my cosplay this time around, as I realized that prepping for classes always manages to make that impossible, but I will be reprising my eclipse Ms. Frizzle and wearing my Battlestar Galactica greens. SSWA!

Here’s where you can find me and say HI at the Con:

If you’ve been following me on social media, you have already heard about my, eh, mishap in Illinois. Yes, I did trip and fall and sprain my ankle pretty badly. And, all things considered, it was TOTALLY worth it to see the total solar eclipse! But I’m not going to let it keep me away from DragonCon, just as I haven’t let it stop me at work. To make it more feasible, I did manage to get a knee scooter on loan. So I’ll actually be ROLLING around the Con! Too bad I don’t have more time/skill, because the scooter itself could have a kicking cosplay… see the resemblance?

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