I get Questions

mailer_chinesetopBeing the “token astronomer” in some of my circles means that I get asked all kinds of interesting questions. Like this:

“You’re an astronomer! Tell me – is it normal for your boobs to actually be separate entities outside your space suit? I mean, I assume that’s for science reasons.”

With the picture at right from a video game.

Well I figured this is a question best answered with some examples…

What do you say, Suni Williams?
How about you, Sally Ride?
Eileen Collins want to weigh in?
How about you, Mae Jemison?


Oh wait you can't see it well with Svetlana Savitskaya...
Oh wait you can’t see it well with Svetlana Savitskaya…
So let's ask Suni again!
So let’s ask Suni again!

So yeah, illustrators. STAHP.

I’m not even going to get into this one…