Was hacked, but now I’m back!

Hello, everyone. So this site has been lying dormant for quite some time. As you may know, I finished up my postdoc in Illinois, spent some time in New York, and finally made it to New Hampshire where I’m now a professor! And I’ve been so busy that unfortunately, I couldn’t get to my site which was, it turned out, used by hackers to do who-knows-what. I got some great help from Dreamhost and now I’m back, though with a slightly slimmed down site with less bells and whistles, and hopefully hack free!

I look forward to getting back to writing in general, though my life right now seems to be wake up, crossfit, walk dog, work work work, sleep, wake up, crossfit, walk dog, work work work… etc. At some point I’ll catch up maybe?

Please keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus for now!

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