A Selfie a Day

I’ve never expected that I’d take on a challenge that expects me to do something every day. I’m not the best at consistency, you see. But I saw this one, and I had to give it a try.

Late last year, a piece went up on Jezebel decrying the selfie as anti-feminist. As a “cry for help.” Interestingly, before that piece, I had’t considered selfies much at all, except to be glad for front facing cameras so I can take silly pictures with my friends.


Having some #tinyfun with Liz in Boston

But the response to that article made me appreciate selfies in a new way. Turns out, selfies can be a way of framing your own identity, of saying that you control your own standard of beauty, and as a way for underrepresented groups to see images like themselves out there in the world. (Amy Davis Roth wrote a great post in rebuttal, but you might not be able to read it today because of a bullshit DDOS attack on several feminist blogs.)

And these, I think, are all positive things. And besides, selfies aren’t even a new thing.

Possibly the first selfie, by and of Robert Cornelius in 1839

Possibly the first selfie, by and of Robert Cornelius in 1839

A woman's selfie from 1900

A woman’s selfie from 1900

Right before the new year, blogger Veronica Arreola issued a challenge: how about we take one selfie a day to celebrate ourselves? And so the #365feministselfie project was born. You can join in with the twitter hashtag or on Flickr. I just plunked a bunch of mine on the group.

Despite sometimes forgetting, I’ve managed to equal the number of days so far with selfies. It was really weird at first, and I was quit self-conscious. But the more I photographed myself, the less I cared how I looked. It is still, however, a challenge to come up with something interesting every day. I’d like to have a little fun with it, you know?

Maybe you’re not up for a year long challenge? Then you definitely want to check out #OperationFlawless, started by Elyse Anders, for a new no-filter, no-makeup picture every day for a month. (Assuming the cowardly DDOS attack os over and you can see the page.) This is just ladies being ladies without having to conform to the popular standards of beauty. It was easy enough to join that when I’ve had a month of practice.

I am encouraged and happy to see so many women putting out their pictures, their selfies, and their unedited selves. Heck, men can be feminists, too, so I wouldn’t mind seeing some men join in as well! So thanks for the support on Twitter, and I hope I can at least continue to amuse and entertain as I try and come up with a new self-portrait everyday.

9 February 2014 - This is my blogging face.

9 February 2014 – This is my blogging face.

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