October Roundup

October has come and gone with prolonged warm weather and the end of my business travel for the year. With the Boulder Science Festival and GeekGirlCon done, I don’t have to get on a plane again until I see my family at Christmas. Yay! I like travel, I really do. But sometimes it is nice to just stay put for a while and really get some work done.

Here’s what I wrote or recorded in the month of October. The bold ones are those I’m most proud of, so if you read anything, please read those.



With Fraser Cain taking over all the Weekly Space Hangout duties again, I’m putting out less video on my YouTube channel, but then I also have one less weekly responsibility. And of course, Fraser can pull in an audience that I can only wistfully dream of having time to engage. I still try and make it on Fridays when I can!