The Next Big Thing (and Aug/Sept Round-Up)

Welcome to my noisy world from the last two months! To be honest, last month was an odd blur. August, however, was much more productive. I was especially excited to be a part of Dragon*Con once again!

As usual, I’ll round-up what I’ve written or video-ed in the last two months. Even though I don’t write much here anymore, I’m still out there blogging and videocasting somewhere.


  • This one technically posted this month, but it was made in September so I’d love to share it now! This is the video produced by Amanda Bauer and me at dotAstronomy5, a little teaser for what we hope will be a lovely series of interviews with some amazing people in astronomy.



Now it’s on to October with cozy sweaters and more travel. I’ll be in Boulder this weekend and Seattle next, so say hi!

BONUS: Death by Puppets produced a video in which I get interviewed by a rocket. Yes, really.


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