Around the Interwebz (and US) in July

Well since August is almost over, I should post my July links, huh?

July was a busy month of travel for me. I went to CONvergence in Minneapolis, did a brief stint in the Poconos with Tim and family, attended a virtual conference from home while I was sick, then went to San Jose for the meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, THEN Chicago to Delevan, Wisconsin, for Skeptics Under the Stars! And finally, I got home for my birthday, which ended out July. Phew. I’d suggest you check out pictures of CONvergence and Skeptics Under the Stars through the lens of fantastic photographer Jamie Bernstein, who also organized the latter event. Meanwhile, Georgia Bracey and I wrapped up some of our ASP experiences on an episode of Learning Space.

With all that, there were still a few blogs and videos that came out during July to share:



I really liked doing the video quickies with Google Glass. It lets me run around with my hands full and still capture what I’m doing for instructions, or just for future reference. It is still incredibly weird to wear it in public, especially in places like a conference where everyone asks you about it! Contrary to popular belief, I’m a shy introvert. But if I ever need a conversation starter, there it is. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions for more Glass videos of science demos, so send me your wishlist and I’ll see what I can do!

More to come, as I’m looking forward to DragonCon next week and helping run the CosmoQuest booth in the Hilton. Come say hi! And if you haven’t already, please do get your tickets for the Atlanta Star Party because, c’mon, it’s a great time.

My DragonCon schedule:

  • Thursday 7pm Emory Math and Science Center – Atlanta Star Party! – I have a super demo planned. Two, actually, and I’ll need some audience volunteers…
  • Friday 1pm Hilton 309-310: Don’t Call Me Dear, Call Me Ph.Doctor – on a panel w/ Pamela Gay, et al
  • Friday 2:30 Hilton 204-207: Don’t Panic! Again... – on a panel
  • Saturday 7pm Hilton 309-310: 132 (Confirmed) + 3,216 (Possible) = Kepler Telescope Legacy – w/ Pamela
  • Sunday 5:30pm-8pm Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Regency V Ballroom – presenting an award (most likely) at the Parsecs
  • Sunday 7pm Hilton 204-207: Talking Science and Critical Thinking Online – on a panel w/ Rebecca Watson, et al
  • Sunday 10pm Hilton 309-310: The Secret Lives of Moons – I’m really looking forward to this talk as I’ve been digging up some interesting moon facts for it…

That’s all for now!