So I’m nursing a headache on New Year’s Day and it’s not for the reason you would think. Though I allowed myself one martini last night, that was also with dinner and a full bottle of water and a wee bit of chocolate. I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks and I’m just biding my time until the doctor’s office finally reopens after the holiday.

Why am I telling you this? Well if you are in some way still reading this here, you know my writing has been less than consistent over the past year or so. First I had the dissertation as my excuse. Then I was moving, starting a new job, and… then I ran out of excuses. So with the start of a new year, and several months into my first post-doc, I have some thinking to do. Turns out I think well when I write and I write well when I know it will be posted publicly, so there you go.

As I’ve noted in my recently written comment policy, this IS after all my blog and I can write whatever I damn well please. I think in the spirit of making “resolutions,” one way I can encourage myself to write more is to give myself more freedom to be myself here. When I have something I want to say that is well crafted, or specific to astronomy or skepticism, it takes me a bit longer… sometimes forever to finish something. Which means I never finish anything out of fear. But I have been afforded several great opportunities to write such things on other illustrious sites (see icons at right) and I will work hard to keep up some writing productivity there. Since I’ve never worked hard to focus this blog into something particular, this will remain my playground for all “other” things that are less important and perhaps more rambly.

I’m struggling with the idea of “new year resolutions” this year anyway. Last year’s was pretty straightforward: finish dissertation. Well I did that. Yay! And to be honest, I nearly lost my head in the process. As I’ve alluded to before, I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Although I was first diagnosed (and then re-diagnosed) in grad school, being a highly anxious person has always been a part of my life. Oh, the stories my mother can tell you about it! Initially, the goal of my recovery was to get through the dissertation and get a job. Once I did that, however, I kind of lost my focus. I also lost my AMAZING therapist because I moved halfway across the country. So my coping since then has involved a series of mini-resolutions that I never really keep because I get overwhelmed and anxious and depressed and freak out… and it hasn’t been very pretty inside my head to be honest. So I’m rebelling against the idea of making a big 2013 resolution because I seem to have such an awful track record as of late. I’m doing it wrong. Maybe I need a plan of action, rather than one sweeping resolution. Or maybe that’s just me being too structured again. I think I have to think about this some more.

One thing I can plan to do is write more. Write here. And just keep going.

So what can you expect to find here if not astronomy? Well, I’ll still link to all the cool astronomy I write about on Discovery and CosmoQuest. And I really do owe the Skepchicks some writing as I keep starting ideas and never finishing them! But here I plan to keep up with the usual randomness found on the internet, fun travel pictures from my new camera (thanks, Mom!), thoughts on mental illness, random semi-political rants about the importance of science, and gushing over whatever sci-fi show or geek celebrity I am into at the moment. Stick around if you like! If not, no hard feelings. If you want to keep it professional, then Google+ is the place to find me where I’ll be working my butt off to bring more great astronomy video content and Hangouts as well as keeping up to date on all that CosmoQuest is doing to bring more people into citizen science.

Oh. And there may be more ponies around here.

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