DragonCon Planning

UPDATE (8/15): Added 2:30pm Saturday slot and booth picture…

UPDATE (8/29): Added booth location and Sunday slot

As I fly home from the latest trip, I’m already looking forward to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in just a few weeks! I wasn’t cool enough to be an official guest this year, but I’ll be sure to fix that in time for next year. Nevertheless, I’ll be helping out with a few panels and events in and around the Con, as well as bringing citizen science to the nerdy masses with a CosmoQuest booth, now located at the HILTON 2nd floor with all the other science peeps! I’ll keep a running schedule here, so come and say hi.

Look for this. This is where I’ll be! 2nd floor Hilton!

Thursday evening: Atlanta Skeptics Star Party! It’s me and Phil Plait and Marian Call and George Hrab and the UNIVERSE and with proceeds going to kick cancer’s butt. Get your tickets now!

11:30am – Space Track – I’m talking about science for kids with Laura Burns.
2:30pm – Science Track – Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow 10th Anniversary MegaMayhem Destruct-o-Fest! I promised Pamela and Dawn I’d help them create mayhem.
4:30pm – Main/Podcasting – The annual Parsec Awards will honor the best of the best in podcasting. I’ll be presenting an award.
10pm – Space Track – I’ll be giving an update on all the robotic probes we have around the solar system.

Sunday: 5:30pm – Science Track – Evolution/Creationism Debate

Monday: 10am – SkepTrack – I’m joining Tim Farley and Sharon Hill to talk about attracting believers and skeptics to our causes.

If you are coming and would like to volunteer at the CosmoQuest booth to share citizen science, sell swag, and generally be awesome, I would be ever so grateful. Please email getinvolved@cosmoquest.org and let me know if you can help!

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