Feast your Eyes on the Universe

I’m in the last day of a meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico and will be heading back to my new home in Illinois tonight. Sadly, that means I’ll miss the annular eclipse that is about to happen, but I’ll be sure to make plans for the 2017 total eclipse that will be visible across the United States.

If you need a few minutes to space out, literally, check out the winners of the 2012 Earth and Sky Photo Contest that was held for Global Astronomy Month over at The World at Night.


1 comment for “Feast your Eyes on the Universe

  1. Jae
    May 29, 2012 at 16:28

    I was just doing some research and a little on top of the head thinking. Maybe the universe, the entire spanning universe is part of one single organism. Our galaxy is actually just one of the many cells that help create this organism. Each galaxy forms to make dna and thus creating the single organism. I have numerous theories to support this but i had to get some of it off my mind, so i can sleep.

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