December’s “Peek into my Brain”… or, at least, RSS feed

Apparently my weekly updates are now… monthly. Or of some periodicity that is too long for this to be considered a consistent blog. Or something. But it’s my website and I’ll post if I want to, right?

Interesting Things on the Internet

Carnival(s) of Space 224 (Smaller Questions), 225 (me!), 226 (Dear Astronomer), and 227 (Next Big Future)! Phew.


TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

Another reason why Elyse “El Mofo” is my hero.

Research for complementary and alternative medicine? Survey says… doesn’t work. Move on. (Major love to the DC-area skeptics who have been working hard on this project.)

Metallic hydrogen? It’s thought to make up the bulk of the volume of the gas giant planets, like Jupiter, but making it on Earth isn’t so easy.

Pamela Gay blogs about the state of science education to come.

Help Astronomers Without Borders with an astronomy-related Apple Store purchase.

Edmund Scientific responds to the criticism of their boys’ and girls’ science kits.

Science makes us feel stupid. Here here. Related, Scientific Perspiration. And, Feeling Stupid Doesn’t Have to Hurt.

You can’t stop the bellydancers. Raq on, ladies.

I Just Want to Go on a Walk. Fascinating and moving read for women, and men who know women. So, everyone.

Maria subjects herself to another Twilight movie, just for us. Also, the Bloggess wears a wolf to see the movie. That’s right. A WOLF. On her HEAD. I like to think that she and I are internet soul mates, connected in some cosmic way by our Ambien-induced hallucinations.

I can always count on my boyfriend to post awesome videos of Shatner singing.

Borg Cube from Jesus. What? I… what?! If that’s not enough crazy for you, A gets gazed at.

Do I even need to mention that Rick Perry is a moron? I’m not even going to link to that stupid, stupid video. But I will encourage you to come to the highly irreverent Debate-O-Rama live-blog by the Death Panel on Thursday night.

The Personal

I really should be saving up words for my thesis. I’m trying to finish it. I know, I know. You’re saying, “But haven’t you been working on that this, like, forever?” Yeah, it feels like it sometimes, but now I’m actually putting WORDS to PAPER. Or text to LaTeX. Yes, thesis.tex actually exists. A large-ish chunk of it is under (hopefully) final revisions to be submitted to a journal, and the rest is finally pouring forth in a torrent of science-y sounding text. The whole thing is going to be done and defended within the next few months because… well… I probably can’t tell you that yet.

But I’m currently stuck for words, so I thought that a blog post might help shake loose the words from the language center of my brain. I’ll make up for not posting here so much by posting my thesis when it’s done. Fair? I’m sure it’ll make good bedtime reading material. But most importantly, it needs to be done.

Here’s “ambien turtle” again, just for kicks…

1 comment for “December’s “Peek into my Brain”… or, at least, RSS feed

  1. Kharlamov
    December 20, 2011 at 15:13

    As you know the majority of people in this World live their entire lives without ever having an “even” remote idea as to the size of our own Milky Way Galaxy, let alone the Universe in all it’s encompassing glory.

    I would love to see someone, with a voice in the realm of astronomy, make a serious and concerted effort to bring to the people of the U.S. (and then perhaps to the World) to a comparative understanding as to how huge our galactic home actually is.

    As for me, I also enjoy studying the Stars and Beyond. After studing the size of our own Solar System, I began to wonder “How can I make my own comparison of the size of our own 8 Planet block, to that of our old Milky Way.

    After much thought and deliberation, and again I’m about as much of a novice as there can be (or maybe not quite that low on the totem), I’ve come to my own comparison of these two giants.

    Here it is…. and don’t laugh to much at first ’cause I really did try here…. “If the size of our Solar System were that of a typical compact-disk or CD, then our Milky Way would take up approx. 3.5 million sq. miles or the size of our Continental U.S.!!

    Wow…. just dwelling on that for an hour or so can really cause an Excedrin headache for sure.

    Just thought I’d share my thoughts with you on this topic and would enjoy getting a response from you as to your own take on this topic.

    Take Care and Have A “Merry Christmas!”

    (oh….. and I’m NOT one of those Politically Correct idiots trying to crush the heritage of our good ‘ole U.S. of A.) Lol

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