Thanks and Hugs

Hello, all prozac pill. Checking in to say GGEEEAAAAGGGGGHHH. Between #NaTheWriMo, aka National Thesis Writing Month, or several months really, and #willastronomfornoms, aka my search for a job after said thesis is finished, I’m a wee bit stressed.

BUT, I did run all you lovely donators for the VA Earthquake victims through a random number generator for a Galileoscope from Ray Sanders, and I’m happy to announce the winner is Gene M. Yay! Thanks to everyone who donated and shared the information.

Also, a bunch of people came and stopped by my last post about the loss of one of our professors here in the department. Thanks for letting me share and thank you all for sharing your memories with me as well.

That’s it, I’m out of words. I’ve been using too many of those lately.

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  1. November 16, 2011 at 11:29


    Your Galileoscope is on its way!
    You may even receive it by the weekend!


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