Monday (not)-morning Links!

Waking up is hard to do…

My sleep schedule is bizarre. However! I still have my favorite links and stories from the week to share…

The OPERA instrument

Faster than light neutrinos!???! Yeah, you all heard this story, you all made jokes about it, and just about every science writer on the planet read (or at least struggled through) the paper and wrote about it. I’m going to point you over to Jennifer Ouellette’s excellent article over on Discovery News. Wired Science also has a good breakdown of possible sources of error. Kudos to the OPERA team for working their butts off to minimize errors in their work and for handling this news with the right amount of scientific skepticism!

Space sound files and ringtones from NASA! Go ahead, get your geek on.

Brian “El BoomBoom” Thompson tells us about diversity at the JREF’s The Amazing Meeting 9 last July, referencing Christian “Vanna” Walters and his take on how local groups can encourage diversity in the skeptical movement.

The whooping cough vaccine fades in efficacy, which is why adults and older children should absolutely get a booster! But three years? That’s shorter than I thought. Get your shot!

How many slaves work for you? The United States may have finally abolished slavery in the mid-19th century, but chances are, someone has been a victim of forced labor to make your stuff. (Site not letting me sign-up, but still interesting to poke around.)

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe did their part to save the world with a 24-hour live broadcast. I caught some of it and thought it was *fantastic*. Catch up on some of the fun with the videos recorded by

What’s the deal with gluten?! Skepchick Surly Amy talks about gluten hype and fact with Dr. Terry Simpson. I have known people who have developed Celiac’s disease, and I once worked for a bakery that specifically catered to them! However, avoiding gluten for any other reason seems to be based in pseudoscience.

Speaking of allergies, I am ready to subject myself to the scratches of allergy testing and shots with the hope of diminishing my allergies to cats. After all, I can’t ask Tim to choose between me and this lovely lady that already lives with him:

Picture of Jinx taken by me BEFORE I started to develop serious asthma symptoms to cat dander.

Expect reports from the allergy frontier!

And in a bit of shameless self-promotion… CHICKENS IN SPACE!

Finally, thanks to people that bought or bid on my eBay stuff. Cleaner closet and drawers, and my old stuff gets a second life! Whatever didn’t sell is going to be trucked over to Goodwill.

Have a good Monday, everybody.

2 comments for “Monday (not)-morning Links!

  1. October 12, 2011 at 22:47

    I’m going through the Amateur Scientist podcast’s archives and just heard your little rant on episode… ehm… t’was from a while ago. So I came here and, hey! I recognized you from a live recoding of AstronomyCast (the one about Moon Phases). Small world!

    Anyway. Just added your blag to my feeds. G’day.

    • Nicole
      October 13, 2011 at 15:45

      Oh, I’m sorry…. Ignore my silly attempts at being funny! There are a couple of episodes where I do a skit with Christian that he write, and those are much, much funnier.

      Hello and thanks!

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