Monday Morning(ish) Cup O’ Links!

Because too much awesomeness happens over the span of a week to deal with individually, I have a weekly wrap-up of last week’s good stuff. After all, it’s Monday morning. Are you really getting anything done?

Disney mug from Tim

The Good

The US Food and Drug Administration tells TV’s Dr. Oz to STFU about arsenic in apple juice. My favorite part can be paraphrased as, “…like we already TOLD you, dummy…”

I am going to classify the James Webb Space Telescope news as “good,” despite some controversy. A Senate subcommittee favors funding JWST for a 2018 launch, but Phil Plait warns us to hang on, since it isn’t clear from where the money is coming. JWST’s possible cancellation has already stirred up animosity within the community of astronomers, since it is perceived that JWST is taking money away from other potential missions. Not being a NASA person, I reserve judgement on the issue, except to say that I appreciate when government officials support science.

NASA has unveiled plans for a new Space Launch System that kind of looks like a Saturn V got it on with a Space Shuttle. Will this one really happen?

Wake up full of awesome.

Adorable illustrated Daleks! Thanks, Gail, for sharing 🙂

I LOVED Geo’s opening number for The Amazing Meeting 9, despite some early technical problems.

The Bad

Self-proclaimed “savage terrorists” try to blow up scientists working in nanotechnology. Yikes!

Why our education system is so outdated.

Totally credulous article in the New York Times about the so-called natural treatment arnica. Boo. BOO I say.

The Ugly

Politics in general are ugly, IMHO. We all know that Rick Perry is wrong about climate change, but Donald Prothero points out that global warming denialism is dangerous, and not just from an environmental point of view. Oddly enough, however, Perry is pro-vaccine and has sparred with Michele “I do what my man wants” Bachman on this issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics responds, while the lovely Jamie Bernstein reflects on just how odd it is to agree with Perry on an issue.

The Shameless Self-Promotion

Feed a grad student! I’m having an e-garage sale of sorts on eBay.

Yes, I realize that “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” is sorely overused, but, dammit, I love that movie!

I also post random stuff on Tumblr, but beware, that one is a little NSFW.

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  1. Chew
    September 19, 2011 at 13:47

    Will we get a fresh Monday Morning Hair picture every Monday?

    • Nicole
      September 19, 2011 at 14:29

      Probably 🙂

      • September 25, 2011 at 07:04

        It does complement the coffee cup : )

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