Pushing Myself

I’m working on improving various aspects of my life at the moment. One is my overall fitness and conditioning level. Sure, I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve been training pretty hard for bellydance, but I need something a bit more well-rounded. So here are two of my challenges that I’d like to put out there to make them more “official.”

One Hundred Pushups

Tim and I picked up this Android app from Amazon for free the other day. It sets you on a 6-week training program to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups. Oh me of little upper body strength, I can only do “good form” pushups from my knees and not my toes, but I can eek out 15 of these in a row before I collapse. The idea is to work on them for 30 minutes a week for six weeks and see if you can get to 100! I’ll officially start on Sunday. (P.S. You definitely don’t need the app, since the training program is available on the website. But the app is handy!)

Fix My Knees/Suhaila Sword Choreography

This challenge started as “Fix my Knees,” since my dancing is partly hampered by weak knees. (I’m thinking it’s this, but I’m too lazy/stubborn to see a proper physical therapist. However, many other causes have been ruled out by my physician.) So I set up a simple workout program to increase leg strength. Diffiuclty: I can use gym equipment, but not when I’m traveling, which will be the end of June and all of July. Again, Android and the internets come in handy, with a website and app from JEFIT that let’s me customize and keep track of my workouts. I have to geek out about everything, right?

Well, I’ve added another condition: flexibility. Of course, that involves strength as well, so I’m on track. Why? I want to be able to perform this in September:

Yeah. Awesome. The bellydance movements aren’t difficult at all, especially for one who has been training in the Suhaila style for years. And as recent experience with a cane choreography shows, I’m okay at balance as well. It’s the splits and back-bends and floorwork that require a level of athleticism that I just do not possess at the moment. But I’m getting there. I’m also about to start making that costume. Our teacher makes the skirt and bra and belt, and I get to sew all the little silver dangly things on. Hooray?

Also, do you notice some cool basic physics in that video? Finding the center of mass of the sword is crucial to the balancing acts, and the turns near the end require you to get the sword to move at the same angular velocity as your body. Again, will geek out about anything…

Feel free to shame me if I fall off the wagons 😉

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  1. Geneviève
    June 1, 2011 at 11:56

    That is an awesome dance! Swwwords!

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