You can help Autism Education!


We survived! And with $230 raised for autism education. Thanks, everyone 🙂

[progpress title=”Money Raised for Autistic Kids in Central VA” goal=”300″ current=”230″ previous=”80″ label=”Dollars”]

Donors will get my eternal gratitude and a virtual hug from me. But only if you remember to email me with the amount you donated to the program!

Also, note that we aren’t usually good with running or mornings, so every dollar you donate just motivates us even more.

So, this all started when one of my fellow grad students came into my office saying, “Hey! There is free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s today! Let’s go.” And so we did. Turns out, not only was the ice cream free, but it was set up so that the Virginia Institute of Autism could collect donations and advertise their 5K taking place this Saturday.

I looked into the VIA and they are doing some pretty awesome work. It is a school in Charlottesville for children on the autism spectrum and was started by several parents of autistic children. From their website:

The Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) is a non-profit organization providing a day-school and other resources for families, educators and health professionals seeking services, training or information about autism and evidence based interventions.

With all the dangerous misinformation running rampant about autism that has been exposed, it is important to focus on the real interventions that can actually help families who need it.

So! How can you help? You can sponsor me, or Tim, or both of us in the 5K! Yes, we are getting our butts out of bed and into Charlottesville by 7:30 on a Saturday morning for a good cause. All you need to do is:

  1. Email me or Tim with your name and how much you’d like to pledge.
  2. Go to the VIA site and click “Sponsor”.
  3. Put your donation amount under “Run for Autism 5K – Sponsor a Runner or Team” and go through the checkout process.

(Note, if you are local to either of us, you can skip the online process and just hand us a check made out to “Virginia Institute of Autism”.)

No, neither of us actually run. My knees would quit and detach from my body if I tried. However, we will be jogging/walking, so don’t look for any competitive times or anything like that. I’m not a jock like my brothers! I AM, however, really looking forward to helping a good cause and working off that free ice cream I just ate. Thanks for your support!

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