SkepTales, Woo OOO ooo!

(With apologies to Duck Tales.)

My recent skeptical confession prompted the bad-ass-ness himself, Phil Plait, to call for people’s skeptical stories on Twitter. The abbreviated format allowed for cleverness, rhyming, and some careful thought about what to say. The response was AMAZING. Almost 500 people shared their personal stories, from the “aha!” moment to the slow and thoughtful. Some talked about religion, others about the paranormal. Some held on to beliefs for many years; others figured it out in childhood. There are tales of self-discovery and inspiration, and I highly recommend you at least browse through them.

Also, I’d like to note that this post is the first in my attempt at WordPress’s PostADay2011 series. Yikes! That means I’ll be trying to get something up at least once a day (not just here, but on Discovery Space as well, almost every day). Many here will be short, Tumblr-like posts, but hey, it’s something. Hopefully, that’ll inspire me to go back to writing more frequent “meaty” posts. (Thanks for inspiration to AstroEngine!)

This will be especially interesting as I am traveling most of this month. Today starts my trip to Boulder, CO, for the URSI conference, and to catch up with friends. A few days after my return, it’s on the road again to Science Online 2011! And somewhere in between all that, I need to finish a dissertation year fellowship application. That’s right, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel for me, and it’s not an oncoming freight train…

My 2011 resolution? Continue to work on being as awesome as I can be.

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