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There must be a way to stay sane amongst the insanity of teaching. If there is, I haven’t found it yet. But, two things that have helped are new works from two of my favorite artists!

TREBUCHET is out! Fans of George Hrab have been chomping at the bit for this album to come out. We got to hear songs in progress, all about recording, all the stories and such through his shiny, fun podcast, and here is the gorgeous finished product. It’s funky. It’s dance-y. It’s science-y. Check it out for FREE on the podcast, but if you like it, pay the good man for his work, will ya? I just got the physical CD in the mail, and the insert is SO nicely done. Hoping to see his Hrabiness himself in concert in a couple of weeks in his hometown of Bethlehem!

ANCESTOR is out! This book, read over the course of three days instead of sleeping, was scary-awesome! Part science, part great story, part horror, part totally effing insane… Scott Sigler knocks it out of the park yet again. I have to say, I enjoy his biological-type thrillers the best. Want to sample it? He also gives his stuff away for free! Check out the podcast, where Sigler reads all of his grotesque, fun, scary, insane stories to you. His many, many hours of thrilling tales have gotten me through long car rides and even longer nights at the office. Also, I have two copies of the book. You can borrow mine! (But not the one he signed.)

Did you know that books have trailers now?

Yeah, so that’s what’s keeping me sane for the moment. More on teaching and such when the class actually finishes up in a little over a week!

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