Listening "Above the Sky"

While I was at the #SDOisGO tweetup, I got to meet a really cool, fun, and sweet musician who drove all the way through the snow down from Jersey to be there. Yes, I am talking about the lovely CraftLass! She has released her new album of folk pop, science and space songs, called “Above the Sky.” I got a live preview of some of her songs at our tweetup, so I’m excited to have them to keep! Please check them out, buy a song, or buy the whole album. Listen to “Bake Sale for NASA,” a hopeful song about some alternative space funding, or “Shades of Ignorance,” which is a bit of an anti-creationism anthem and would be great on the next Skeptics’ Mixtape! And “Connections,” well, anyone that has met an old friend for the first time can relate to this song.

And the cover art was designed by Space Tweep Society founder, Jen Scheer!

Other space news… Carnival of Space #148 is up at Celestial Spider!