Shuttle Launch Attempt… take one!

So…. the launch of STS-130 was scrubbed last night. The crew of six was primed and ready to deliver the Tranquility module to the International Space Station, and the shuttle itself was all ready for liftoff! The weather, however, would not cooperate. We kept swinging between “go” and “no-go” due to a low cloud ceiling. We were out on the causeway in the 40-ish degree weather taking pictures, tweeting away, and drinking coffee and tea to stay warm and awake. We’ll be out there again tonight for the second attempt, so if you are staying/waking up, join the virtual party! (#STS130)

Pics by George. Also check out pretty pictures by Catherine. And my less pretty ones.

Also, as the shuttle gets bumped by 24 hours, so does the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory and all the #SDOisGO events! Stay tuned…

Thanks for the good times @privong, @blueskeyes207, @histella, @catherineq, @spacemanandy, @astrogerly, @johnmknight, @cmilesbaker, and probably more I’m forgetting! Also live-tweeting the launch were @Nancy_A, @moonrangerlaura, and @milesobrien.