Something to read… and something to listen to!

First, as I mentioned earlier, check out the Carnival of Space #136 at Simostronomy. There’s an update on Spirit, more news from the AAS, and the usual spaceflight goodness.

Second, I had a great conversation with Mister Payne for the Religion of Curiosity podcast, and the episode has just posted. This is a really great show that genuinely, curiously explores many questions about religion, so check out all of his shows! I haven’t listened to this episode yet*, but we talk about my beefs with Catholicism, why I consider myself to be pretty laid-back about my atheism these days, astronomy, bellydancing, etc. It was a really fun conversation so I hope you enjoy listening in.

*And I probably won’t… I hate how I sound, or my accent, or my word choice or something… so once something is published, I can’t go back and listen to it without cringing!

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