Winter Wonderland

If you are my friend on Twitter, you’ve probably been oversaturated with this already… but it FREAKIN SNOWED here in Charlottesville! We unofficially measured 20 inches outside of my apartment, and some people in the area measured even more. A snowstorm like this can be very dangerous as some lost power (most of us had brief outages, but Dominion stayed well on top of it) and others were stranded in their cars or had to abandon them on the road. As I most definitely do not have 4-wheel drive, I holed up in my house and tried working from home, which worked quite well on Friday, but I was distracted by the HOLYCRAPSNOW on Saturday.  I could act like a scientist (taking measurements) AND a kid (sledding!) and capture it on video which I’ve posted on Youtube:

(and pictures on Flickr.)

George Privon was tweeting away as well while also posting videos on his vimeo channel including a hilarious time-lapse shoveling one, and his best impression of Les Stroud, but with a better soundtrack. He also has some stunning photos on Flickr!

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