Hey all! If you look up above at the URL, you may notice that I’ve put a real domain name on this thing! I never took the time to do a redesign like I wanted to and go and host on my own domain, so I just added the domain to this blog.  All the old links should work, but if you want to change them to the new URL, feel free! It’s like I have a real home on the intertoobz.  (Thanks to Some Canadian Skeptic for the idea.)

Also, welcome new readers! I was a little confused at the number of comments that were coming in from my 2012 movie post, until I discovered that had included that post on their homepage.  So, wow, and thanks to all of you for stopping by and leaving comments! Feel free to look around… it’s a little messy… kind of like my apartment. And go check out Tree Lobsters, since that’s the origin of that lovely image of the crab with the calendar.


Finally, I’m calling an end to my NaNoFAILMo.  So I got a great start the first week, but then I discovered that if I was writing late at night, I could also be working. So it was a success in that I got more work hours out of my day for actual work, but the novel itself got forgotten. I also got inspired to roll out a few blog posts, so yay. And I proved to myself that I can write fiction prose that doesn’t sound entirely lame and corny.  I’d like to continue the story when I do have time/motivation again, so those of you (okay, one of you, hi Rachel!) who want to know how Eva’s story comes out, it’s still there floating around in my head in a nebulous form, and it will be told one day.

Speaking of books, Happy Birthday to the FDO. I’m wearing my Krakens shirt in honor of his dark overlordness.

2 comments for “Housecleaning…

  1. Tim
    November 30, 2009 at 12:14

    Two…two of us. I want to know how Eva’s story turns out too!

  2. Tim
    December 1, 2009 at 14:13

    At 4,595 words, it seems you only failed about 1/5 as much as I did. Woo!

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