Astronomy Songs – Part I

For those of you that follow along on twitter, a little while ago I asked for some help finding space and astronomy songs for our Dark Skies, Bright Kids end of semester party. And did I mention that my twitter friends are freaking awesome! I got TONS of lists and suggestions and promised to compile a list once I had it all done. For the party itself, I threw these all together into a big playlist and just hit “shuffle.” For listing purposes, I tried to separate the more educational songs from the pool of general space song awesomeness. This also includes suggestions from our other club members here at UVa. Where possible, I’ve provided links for you to download (if free) or buy these songs. Enjoy, and feel free to add even more to the comments!

Of a more educational bent:

"Glorious Dawn" by Colorpulse ft. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking - song, video, and more
"Far (365 Days of Astronomy Theme)" by George Hrab - song and video
"Cosmic Carl" by Dr. Paul Shuch aka Dr. SETI - mp3 and MORE songs
"Galaxy Song" by Monty Python - video
from Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants (really, get the whole album!)
    - Science is Real - video
    - Meet the Elements - video
    - What is a Shooting Star?
    - How Many Planets? - video
    - Why Does the Sun Shine? - new version and old version
    - Why Does the Sun Really Shine? - video
    - Roy G. Biv - video
    - Put It to the Test - video
    - Speed and Velocity - video
    - Solid Liquid Gas
"Stars by the Colors" by Alan Marscher - song and lyrics and more songs
AstroCapella by the Chromatics - buy the CD or sample free songs
"Elements Song" by Tom Lehrer - video
"Interplanet Janet" by Lynn Ahrens for SchoolHouse Rock - video
    (I could not find the Man or Astroman version! Help?)
"The Planet Song!" from Blue's Clues - song and others
"Yakko's Universe Song" from Animaniacs - video
"Our Solar System" from Animaniacs - song and video
"Big Bang Theory" by Barenaked Ladies - video

For the fun, spacey, and starry-eyed songs, stay tuned for part II…

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  1. …’astronomy domine’ by pink Floyd (a spacy instrumental), and of course ‘astronomy’ by blue oyster cult (which was covered by metallica).

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