I want my flying car! Wait, not like that…

CVille folks may have heard this story today about a stolen car which ran off of Rugby Road today and down a hill. The car was going so fast that it skimmed over the roof of one house and crashed into the roof of another. Those that know me well enough to have been to my apartment know that this was the house right next to mine. No one was hurt, thankfully, but the driver of the stolen car did escape.  Since this is the second such incident at this T-intersection in a few months, and my house, so I’m told, was hit by a stray car in the early-80s, I’m going back to check the terms of my renters’ insurance.  So does a flying car count as an “act of god”? And, does it matter to the insurance company if I call it an act of random happenstance instead?

In other news, I had a wonderful birthday, and thanks for all the birthday wishes (and sonnet)! Been busy working on my longer posts, including a book review, and lots and LOTS of work, which I’ll post pictures from soon.  Yay!

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