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Hey all, it’s been a while again.  I’ve been sloooowly getting things done at work. As Swoopy aptly puts in the latest Skepticality (106),

When I get to talk to scientists, often they are in the lab and they are taking a break from research. What are they doing? They are running samples, they are analyzing data. This is time consuming, not always exciting stuff.

Did I mention there’s a Swoopy fan page over on Facebook? So you can swoon over Swoopy…

But also, I took a brief vacation at Lake Wallenpaupack with Tim and his family.  It was soooo nice to sit around and do nothing for once.  Well, almost nothing. There were two adorable kids to play with (fun noodle fight!), boating, water skiing (or my sad attempt at it), jet skiing, etc. Oh, and a great book to read: Charlatan.

This was one of my $2 finds at a book warehouse in Georgia back in June.  Pope Brock tells the story of one of the greatest quacks in American pseudoscience, John R. Brinkley, and his “goat gland operations” that were all the rage in medicine in the early part of the 20th century.  He was also instrumental in shaping modern political campaigns, music, and marketing in ways that are utterly surprising.  Entertaining and informative, it’s a must-read!

On the way back to Philly, Tim and I made a stop in Bethlehem to see George Hrab play in a nice little restaurant called Starfish Brasserie.  (No, not brassiere, I made that mistake at first, too.) So I didn’t get to TAM but I did enjoy the Maestro’s live show!  And finally met the uber-fabulous and talented MsInformation, aka Donna.  They were both ridiculously sweet and I’m so glad we had a chance to hang out!  I was also treated to fun stories from the Philadelphia Funk Authority by Dale, singer and trombone player.  And, I got to sing along to “Far” from the bar which was just fun.

Lucky to bask in her awesomeness.

Finally, Tim and I got our hotel and tickets all set for Dragon*Con, and I’m reeeeeally excited about all the general nerdiness and getting to attend the SkepTrack.  Don’t forget, if you are going to be there, come a day early for the Full Moon for Cancer, put on by the Atlanta Skeptics!  If you are not going to be there, but want to participate and have a love of astronomy, self-proclaimed “Skepchick cabana boy” Christian has a request for you.

I’ve got some lengthy blog posts in the works, they may someday get finished, right? Ooh, script almost done… back to work.

Many thanks to my lovely boy for all the fun adventures we have!

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