Have a question? Asktronomy!

Mooeypoo of Smarter Than That and SmartAxe has started an astronomy answering service on Twitter! Just tweet your question with the tag #asktronomy and one of our “astronomy experts” will answer.  In other news, someone actually thinks I’m an expert at something… boy will they be surprised. 😉

I know what you are thinking, 140 characters is not enough to explain a scientific concept. In addition to following the twitter conversations with the hashtag, you can view longer answers at Asktronomy‘s official home on the web.  If you have some astro knowledge and want to help out, please do!

I’ll take this opportunity to also plug the UVa Astronomy question and answer service called AQuA.  This service rotates to a different volunteer grad student every day, giving you their email so you can ask your question! Help us out by adding “AQuA” somewhere in the subject heading. We also have a long archive of previously answered questions going back… well… does anyone know how far back this goes? (Do me a favor and don’t all use it at once, or whoever is assigned today will kick my butt!)

Finally, this is old news, but David Tennant narrates a really cool looking planetarium show that has been released in the UK.  It’s called “We Are Astronomers” and has really adorable animation and… hello… David freaking Tennant.  In his lovely accent. Talking about the thing that I do everyday.  Whoa.  I think it will be very inspiring, after the initial nerdgasm.  Check out the trailer if you haven’t already!  Please, please, please come to the States!

If it’s astronomy and David Tennant, you know I first heard of it from the Bad Astronomer.

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  1. Genevieve
    June 19, 2009 at 15:18

    Eeeee! Definitely a nerdgasm moment!

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