The Chuck Norris of Astrophysics

I’m not a fan of Chuck Norris, so I’m glad to see his fact list superseded by someone much cooler, particularly, an astrophysicist! Check out the list of Dave Green Facts, written up by some smart and creative students at the University of Cambridge. Awesome.

He does however have some competition in the science world. Bill Nye has quite an impressive list of his own! He did, after all, help save the world in a recent “Stargate: Atlantis” episode.

Much love to Gail for sending around the link!

1 comment for “The Chuck Norris of Astrophysics

  1. Sarah
    February 6, 2009 at 10:13

    Crap – Bill Nye the Science Guy was on Stargate? I missed it? Josh must have watched it without me…

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