More scary stuff…

If this doesn’t make you pissed off or raving mad, I don’t know what will.

First, a terrorist attack on US soil, as blogged by PZ Myers. A mosque full with attendants for prayers was sprayed with a chemical irritant, allegedly by the good citizens of Dayton, Ohio. Don’t be assholes. Violence is NOT the answer.

Next a continuation of the saga of live burials in Pakistan over the rights of women to marry whom they choose. Send those emails. Write those letters. Show these governments that the world will not tolerate the deaths of innocents or the stamping out of human rights. Such killings must be investigated. Every day there are new stories of young women and men being killed for showing intent to marry whom they choose, or not marry whom they do not want, or for other domestic disputes, yet this is accepted by the mixture of religion, tribalism, and tradition in these regions. Those of us who can exercise the right to speak freely about this, should do so.

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