Musical Interlude

I have developed a music-crush (as opposed to man crush) on George Hrab.

So, the other day, I finally got the in the mail Hrab’s 2004 album Coelacanth. After hearing such good songs as “BrainsBodyBoth” and “Think for Yourself” on Skepticality, I had to give it a shot. I even followed their advice to buy the actual CD and not just the iTunes download because the packaging was cool. And I was certainly not disappointed.

I had already read some of the lyrics to the songs, and they were quite clever and funny. So I was expecting that. However, lyrics read and lyrics set to the music for which they were intended are two TOTALLY different things. For some reason, I can’t find artists with agreeable lyrics AND great music, but now I have! Even if you disagree that “Heaven Must Be Boring” you have to admit that, musically, this guy is freaking talented. The music is diverse, danceable, and fun.

Now, granted, I know jack shiat about music. Remember, my music education came from a not-rich Catholic school where once a week we sat in the auditorium and sang gospel songs, badly, while being accompanied by the accordion. I tried to teach myself to play the keyboard when I was very young, and that was an epic fail. I’m doing much better with my doumbek (how can you screw up Doom, Tek, and Ka?) but let’s say I fail at music. However, I know the difference between something that is pleasing and sophisticated from something that is… not.

So, my impressions of George Hrab’s music: clever, sophisticated, and fun. Check it out!

Okay, back to work for me. Still pooped from a whole weekend of packing. Moving is TEH SUCK.

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