Prettier than Captain Jack’s…

Tell me that this isn’t the coolest bracelet you’ve ever seen:

Wow! It’s like an abacus on your wrist! But the title of the actual webpage says the theme is time machine. I love it.

I was browsing the fabulous Charlottesville Farmers Market yesterday, as I like to do on Saturday mornings. I already had all the produce I needed from H&B, but was enjoying the sights, smells, flowers, and coffee. Usually I pass by the jewelry tables, since most of the handmade stuff looks similar to me after a while, and it’s not my style anyway. But a stand with more traditional looking jewelry caught my eye. But it wasn’t traditional at all! It was metal and gemstones in funky, interesting, geometric patterns. So I grabbed a business card and kept moving. I encourage you to check out the website as I did, since the artist has some really great designs! I’m not a jewelry person at all, and especially not expensive jewelry. But these designs fit my style. One day I may afford shiny things like this!

1 comment for “Prettier than Captain Jack’s…

  1. Dragonfire
    July 14, 2008 at 09:13

    Purdy… But does it interface with my sonic screwdriver?

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